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Mixtape, January 2016

Track list:

  1. Utada Hikaru – Beautiful World
  2. f(x) – Rude Love
  3. Jay Park – Seattle 2 Seoul
  4. Alessia Cara – Four Pink Walls
  5. Hamilton OBC – Wait For It
  6. Adele – Water Under the Bridge
  7. Akino – Miiro
  8. Super Junior – Good Love
  9. Shinee – Wishful Thinking
  10. Exo – Lightsaber


It’s been a while since I’ve shared my monthly playlist. My attachment to K-pop hasn’t faded much, but I’m making an attempt to diversify. Some songs, such as the Suju and f(x) tracks, have been on my list for a few months now. Others are new finds. (To be honest, Alessia Cara’s debut album would have taken up half this mixtape had I not exercised a little bit of restraint.)

The Utada track has been a longtime favorite, but I only got around to downloading it a week ago. Truthfully, I was going to wait until the release of the last Evangelion Rebuild movie to get my hands on it — because I’m sentimental like that — but by the looks of things, I don’t think that movie’s coming out for another billion and three years 🙁