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Mixtape, October 2017


  1. Superfruit – Hurry Up!
  2. DBSK – Smoky Heart
  3. Superfruit – Deny U
  4. Charlie Puth – How Long
  5. Yunho – DROP
  6. Changmin – In A Different Life
  7. Peter Hollens (ft. Avi Kaplan) – Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair
  8. John Legend – Ordinary People
  9. DBSK – Flower Lady
  10. Lin Manuel Miranda (ft. Artists for Puerto Rico) – Almost Like Praying


Maybe I’m alone on this, but fall has always been a very musically evocative season for me. The earliest memory I have of this is actually from my sophomore year of high school (ten years ago!), when our choir teacher gave us a CD with all the music we’d be performing that season. This was the year we travelled to Ireland and Scotland, so our repertoire had a somewhat Celtic-y feel to it. Those songs have stuck with me ever since. Really great music.

My fall musical taste since then hasn’t always been quite as sophisticated: last fall’s main jam was Twice’s TT, and my ultimate fall album of all time is DBSK’s Mirotic. This fall playlist is no exception — how else do I explain “Drop,” which is not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good (but really just kind of bad), y’know? Nevertheless, I’d like to believe that most of the stuff on this month’s list is fairly defensible. “Ordinary People” is an indisputable classic, Superfruit’s debut album is pop perfection, and even DBSK’s “Smoky Heart” was one of the best songs to come out from the duo in recent years. The Peter Hollens song is a frisson-y throwback to high school choir circa 2008. And of course, “Almost Like Praying” is a total work of (he)art.

Living in the Northeast, fall doesn’t seem to hold much as much sentimentality for me as it does for most folks up here. Probably not white enough to fully comprehend the profundity of Ugg boots or the pumpkin spice latte. Good music is still good music, though. Enjoy!

Hope you had fun with this, CHS students. Now go study.